connect through movement, voice and touch

Playful freedom; a renewed confidence in my body and being P.B

It enables me to improvise and trust the process. I just felt alive.  M.T.

I really enjoyed it… expression, intuition, sensitivity and presence… a great workout to boot. M.W.

We can all feel isolated at times. Freeforming opens fresh ways to connect.

Practice is all about listening –

  • tracking and engaging attention and energy
  • communicating awareness through movement, voice and touch
  • being with each other wherever we find ourselves

Freeforming is an embodied relational mindfulness practice that integrates elements of Gestalt therapy, Zen, Aikido and the improvisatory arts.

The practice nurtures

  • Presence
  • Attunement
  • Playful flexibility

Clothing is a loose long trousers and long sleeved tops and bare feet.

Beginners are always welcome.

Contact me for further information and to book a session.