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Peri offers psychotherapy from both Integrative and Gestalt approaches.

well-being and awareness

Well-being involves an ongoing creative adjustment between the world and ourselves. The more fully we are aware of ourselves-in-the-world, the better we are able to respond creatively to our situation, and find satisfaction in living.

loosing touch –getting stuck

Sometimes, we can lose touch with important aspects of ourselves. Our interactions become fixed, stale and frustrating. This can lead to difficulty in resolving personal and relational issues. These may involve:-

abuse, addictions, anxiety, bereavement,

depression, eating disorders, employment,

life-transitions, low self-esteem, obsessions,

personal development. phobias, relationships,

sexual difficulties, stress and trauma

All leaving us feeling isolated and painfully stuck.

contact and creativity

I offer you an opportunity to bridge this isolation, to:-

– deepen your awareness

– discover how you are getting stuck

– create fresh ways of moving forward

“Change comes out of being fully ourselves…” * I encourage you to be your self as FULLY as possible. As you re-engage with your natural resourcefulness, fresh ways of being can be “tried out” and experimented with in the safety of the therapy session. As your range of options broadens your choice opens.

You can then choose the direction you wish to take.

getting started with an assessment session

I want you to find the therapist and therapy that is right for you. I therefore offer you an initial assessment to explore what is troubling you and to get a taste of working with me. You can then decide if you would like to continue further work with me.


50 minute sessions cost £55.00.


book your free assessment

Telephone me now on 07947 369990 or contact me to make an appointment. I will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.


I also offer supervision and academic consultancy to both qualified and trainee psychotherapists. 50 minute sessions cost £60.

Further information.

* Beisser, p. 103 The Gestalt Therapy Book, Joel Latner Gestalt Journal Press. New York 1986